Rules & Regulations

Men and Women’s International Tournament HOCKEY WA FHE CUP 2018 will be held according to the rules of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and the Hockey Australia directions to umpire.

Players Eligibility
Team lists will be entered as per official team registration form as provided. Team may not alter their player list once they have lodged their registration form and deadline for amendments (5 mins before the game start time) has passed.

The teams are split into two pools for Boys and one pool for Girls as per below format.


Pool A/B - Each teams to play 6 games in the pool match.

A1 and B1 to play Gold Medal Match.

A2 and B2 to play Bronze Medal Match.

A3 and B3 to play 5/6 Match.

A4 and B4 to play 7/8 Match.

A5 and B5 to play 9/10 Match.

A6 and B6 to play 11/12 Match.

A7 and B7 to play 13/14 Match.


Pool A/B - Each teams to play 5 games in the pool match.

A1 and B2, A2 and B1 to play cross over semi final.

Winner of each semi finals to play Gold Medal Match.

Loser of each semi finals to play Bronze Medal Match.

A3 and B4, A4 and B3 to play 5/6/7/8 cross over Matches.

A5 and B6, A6 and B5 to play 9/10/11/12 cross over Matches.

Winner of each cross over to play 5/6 or 9/10 Matches.

Loser of each cross over to play 7/8 or 11/12 Matches.

Points will be awarded on the following basis:

  • Win = 3 points

  • Draw = 1 point

  • Loss = 0 point

  • Forfeit = 3 points (3-0 result)


If teams are equal on points at the end of the preliminary rounds, they will be ranked according to the following criteria (in order):

  • Goal difference (highest)

  • Goals for (highest)

  • Goals against (lowest)

  • Games won

  • Result between equal teams in preliminary round


If teams can’t be separated after the criteria above are applied, then a penalty shoot-out competition will be played immediately. In a penalty shootout, three players from each team in turn start with the ball on the 23-metre line opposite the goal, and must attempt to successfully get past the opposing goalkeeper and score a goal within eight seconds.

If teams are equal on goals at the conclusion of Girls semi-finals, Girls Gold/Bronze matches, and Boys Gold/Bronze matches, they will determine the winner through a penalty shootout. All other games will finish by sharing ladder position. For medal contending match draws, the team who wins a coin toss will decide if their team goes first or second in the shootout. The shootout consists of three players from each team in turn starting with the ball on the 23-metre line opposite the goal, and must attempt to successfully get past the opposing goalkeeper and score a goal within eight seconds.

If two teams playing in a match are wearing similar colours in the opinion of the match umpire, the team mentioned second in the official draw will be required to change.  All teams should have available a second uniform in case a clash of colours occurs.

Game Duration
Matches will be two periods of 20 minutes with 3 minutes half time break.

A game shall consist of a changeover and warm-up time of 7 minutes immediately after completion of the previous game. Match time will start as indicated in the program regardless of the teams/team being ready or not. A team may begin as soon as time starts, regardless if the other team is on the pitch or not.

If the Tournament Director and Umpire Co-ordinator feel the temperature is to high to play halves, Officials will discuss with teams the possibility of  playing quarters consisting of four 10 minute periods with 2 minute break and a 3 minute half time. Both teams must reach the agreement for this format to occur. 

Unlimited interchange from the half way line on the side of the field nominated by the umpire. Normal FIH regulations apply as to how substitutions can be made.

If awarded immediately prior to half or full time, penalty corners and penalty shoot-out are to be played out.

The number of participants per team is unlimited, however eighteen players only are permitted on each match card and in any one game.

It is the responsibility of all participants to provide their own sports injury insurance cover.

Blood Policy
An injured or bleeding player must leave the field as soon as it is safe to do so or as directed by the umpire and receive treatment off the field unless medical reasons prevent this. Players shall not return to the field until their wounds have been dressed and no player may remain on, enter or re-enter the field wearing blood stained clothing.

Results and competition tables will be posted daily in the FHE Cup website.

A forfeit will be deemed to occur if:

  • The team has fewer than seven players available to play.

  • The team is not ready to commence play ten minutes after the scheduled match time. 

  • The team does not have a coach/teacher in attendance for the duration of the game.

Any protest relating to the result of a match must be recorded with the Tournament Director in writing within ten minutes of the completion of the match with an AUD $100 fee (refundable if the protest is successful). All protests will be referred to the Tournament Director for arbitration. Decisions made by the Tournament Director may not be appealed.  Protests relating to umpiring decisions will not be heard.

A demerit points system utilising green, yellow and red cards will be in operation throughout the tournament. Any player who accumulates 15 points or more may be suspended for one or more matches at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Points are as follows: Green – 2 points, Yellow – 5 points, Red – 10 points

HOCKEY WA FHE CUP strongly recommends the use of mouth guards and shin guards by all participants.  Participants may not wear hard peaked caps during matches. Facemasks are permitted for use by field players in defensive corners but must be removed when safe to do so in a manner which does not advantage the player. Playing equipment may be checked to ensure a safe playing environment. The Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse the use of equipment deemed to be below the standards of safe play.

Goalkeeper Equipment
All sharp objects (buckles, toecaps etc) must be taped or covered with suitable protectors so that no sharp protrusions are present.  In accordance with the FIH rules of hockey, all teams must have a goalkeeper with protective headgear.

Prohibited Items
The following items are prohibited on the pitch: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, lighters and matches; chewing gum; drinking glasses or cans; and high heel or stiletto shoes.

Games will be played at The Perth Hockey Stadium.
Address: Curtin University Campus, Hayman Road, Bentley Western Australia, 6102, Australia.

Ground Rules
Your cooperation with the management of these fields and your abiding by the following rules will assist in prolonging their useful life and ensuring the enjoyment of others.

All persons entering the enclosed area including the field and the surrounding embankments, paths, seating and public areas are subject to the rules of use of the area as may be prescribed from time to time and shall be under the control of the ground manager and shall obey any lawful direction that she/he issues under these rules.

Smoking is not permitted.

Pet (dogs etc) are not permitted.

Motor vehicles and bicycles are not permitted in the enclosed area.
Spectators are not permitted on the pitch.

Only players and officials participating in the scheduled match, training session or practice match are permitted on the pitch.

For an approved training session or practice match, the maximum number of players and officials permitted on the pitch at that time shall be that number in the teams or training squads.

Teams using the pitch are under the control of their team manager, coach or captain who shall be responsible for their conduct.

Entry to the pitch shall be only via the main entrance. Scaling the fence surrounding the pitch is not permitted. Teams must not enter onto the pitch when a match or training is in progress.
Teams are asked that when they are hitting up on the field they do so length ways not across the pitch.

Matches, approved training sessions and practice matches shall commence at the scheduled time. Umpires shall commence timing competition matches at the scheduled time whether teams are ready to commence play or not. To facilitate orderly commencement of matches, the umpire will sound a preliminary warning two minutes prior to the scheduled commencement time.

At the conclusion of a match, training session or practice match, teams shall leave the pitch promptly to enable the next match etc. to commence on schedule.  Teams should leave the bench area in a clean and tidy state.  Adhesive tape must be disposed of in rubbish bins provided and not discarded on the pitch.

Multi-stop shoes, gym boots and tennis shoes are all suitable. Leather or metal sprigs are not permitted.  Hard plastic sprigs and hard plastic cleats are not permitted to be worn on the playing surfaces at the Perth Hockey Stadium.